intermission day (september 10, 2014)


(images: manhattan beach)

intermission day (august 10, 2014)
new book.
(image: book cover)

intermission day (august 10, 2014)

new book.

(image: book cover)

intermission day (july 10, 2014)

if you like the art piece above and want to vote for it then,

text this code: 163971

to this number: 22333

(images: ‘red horizons’ with strings and shadows and horizon lines)

intermission day (june 10, 2014)

living to dream, dreaming to live?

(images: round 2 of ‘project america’s next top master artist’ at brentwood)

intermission day (may 10, 2014)
looking for balance, piop art, a.h.a., et cetera ..

(image: gray toned version of ‘purple pills’)

intermission day (may 10, 2014)

looking for balance, piop art, a.h.a., et cetera ..

(image: gray toned version of ‘purple pills’)

intermission day (april 10, 2014)

100 handwritten letters in april.

(images: 100 paper airplanes in april)

intermission day (march 10, 2014)
5am mornings are nice..
(image of images: by victor koroma)

intermission day (march 10, 2014)

5am mornings are nice..

(image of images: by victor koroma)

intermission day (february 10, 2014)

introduction time?

(images: ‘arthur’s art’)

intermission day (january 10, 2014)

okay, here we are.  happy new year!  or do you feel like you’ve been in 2014 for a while now?  if yes, then isn’t it crazy how ten days of a 300something day(s) year can pass by and within those days it could be like, “okay, nothing is different, lets keep going with the same stuff.”?  or are your thoughts more like, “wow, time is flying, i’m basically in 2015 right now!”?  or something like, “these past ten days have been long and i’ve been productive, but i want to be more productive.”?  or are you thinking something else?

actually, quick question for yourself: are all your days the same?

and another quick question for yourself: do you feel like all your days are the same in one way?

and now, in retrospect of how 2013 was for me, well, here’s a sort of breakdown:

-january: did an unplanned quick artwork that made it in a group show, a couple of photo shoots, early picture frame art, miscellaneous small artworks, etc.

-february: signed my 1st completed piop art painting (titled ‘red horizons’) and it’s excess painting (titled ‘volcano’), worked further on my 2nd piop art painting (titled ‘teal minimalism’) and it’s excess painting (titled ‘in her nest’), filmed more for ‘arthur’s art’ (a documentary film of me and my art and etc.), went to galleries in chicago and did some talking with them, more photo shoot stuff, etc.

-march: finished ‘teal minimalism’ and ‘in her nest’, started 4th piop art painting (titled ‘purple pills’), more picture frame art, put together two “architecture books” kind of sort of, etc.

-april: gave some art pieces to 6x6x2013 in new york, started painting my 3rd piop art painting (titled ‘cyan twins’) and it’s excess painting (titled ‘twelve twins’), did a box installation and took it from gray tops to white tops, learned some african dance moves, etc.

-may: almost finished ‘cyan twins’ and ‘twelve twins’, spent some time in ‘frieze new york’, did a photo shoot or so, etc.

-june: busy being creative, took part in an art fair, blah blah blah, etc.

-july: finished ‘cyan twins’ and ”twelve twins’, spent some time in california and spoke to some galleries there about some things, took apart some components and then put together less, but added another element to certain clocks and then called what i did ‘timeless clocks’, did photography, miscellaneous art, and filmed for ‘arthur’s art’ and then premiered it in a private screening at ‘evolve all’, etc.

-august: had a solo show titled ‘first look’ at the ‘creative arts center’, spent time with lithuanian family of whom i hadn’t seen in awhile, etc.

-september: worked more on ‘purple pills’, started my 1st piop art wall (size 37.9feet x 8.8feet), etc.

-october: finished my 1st piop art wall, started my ‘tetris sculpture’, had another ‘asphalt twisters’ photo shoot, had a lino print in a group show, did an intense ideaful ‘cyan twins’ and ‘twelve twins’ photo shoot, experienced ‘pla(y)ce’ and did some filming and photography of it, took time outside on a sunny day for a photo shoot of a sculpture i put together in 2012, started an etching, began writing ‘don’t say anything, ever’, worked on and filmed and then edited and premiered a short film titled ‘october sequence tree’, etc.

-november: finished my ‘tetris sculpture’, did some art things in pittsburgh, worked on prints, learned more about the amazingness of brancusi and saw some of his work, prepared 3 more walls for me to do piop art on and started my piop art wall process on another very complicated wall, discovered a “light sculpture” at 8:01am and decided to have it be my sculpture and title it ‘801am’, did some skateboarding in a gallery space, continued writing ‘don’t say anything, ever’, etc.

-december: finished my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th piop art walls, made a cube, was in a group show in a gallery in washington, d.c. and in the soa building at gmu, released my book ‘don’t say anything, ever’, etc…

i guess looking back it seems like i’ve had a productive 2013.  there were a lot of ups and downs.  perhaps the biggest ups and the biggest downs.  a large array of emotions came in and out of existence.  or were these emotions always in existence, just sleeping for the time being?  and waiting for the right time to wake up?  hmm, interesting.  this concept of emotions waking up and going back to sleep.  like, can the emotion of happiness or sadness or this or that be awake forever?  well, can you be awake forever?  if emotions are real and if you are real, then…?  interesting.  but, okay, so, yeah, i mentioned some things i’ve done in the past year, but i’ve also not mentioned certain other things.  like my dreams keeping me up at night, my continuous thinking, my ideas that want to get out, my new ideas that keep coming in, my shyness, my outspokenness, my arguments, my failures, my mistakes, my misinterpretations, my lack of knowing about so much, my fears, my desires, my this’, my thats’, my etc.  one year is such a long time.  and yes, sometimes it feels like a year can just fly by.  in 2013 there were plenty more things i’ve done and worked on, plenty more projects i’ve started and didn’t finish and/or finished, plenty more projects i continued to work on and didn’t finish and/or finished, and plenty more that happened apart from what i mentioned a bit earlier.  but note, i just wanted to give you a breeze through of how 2013 kind of looked for me or maybe i gave you a view from your point of view or how you might see what i’ve done at the surface..  hmm, interesting.  but listen, just know, i want good for people.  i want people to smile and be happy and believe that they can do anything.  and thank you.  and i appreciate what i have, what i’ve been given, the opportunities that have been presented, the successes, the challenges, the uncertainties, … and it’s great to be alive.  though very hard sometimes, still, life is amazing.  i’m happy for another day of life.  and i have amazing friends and thanks to you all for all the support and care.  and i’m thankful for just everything and especially my family and all they’ve done for me over the years.  i love my family.  and i want to give so much back.  and thanks to all.  thank you thank you thank you.

and now note, i kind of see 2013 as a beginning or maybe a continued beginning since 2012 for what’s to come.  perhaps you could call it a warm up.  i don’t know.  i could be wrong.  but, here’s the thing, i feel like i could do more.  and i’m still dreaming.

(images: 3 piop art walls)

intermission day (december 30, 2013)

are you ready?  am i ready?  i don’t know.  

so, i’m not sure what to exactly write on this intermission day.  maybe i should give you more than a word or a sentence or two, right?  or maybe i’m giving enough in this immediate gratification world business thing?  don’t know.

well, i released my first book earlier this month.  it’s called ‘don’t say anything, ever’ and it’s available on amazon and other places.  maybe in it there can be some explanation for my lack of autobioblogphy writing.

i’ve been busy.  too busy.  i’m busy now.  busy tomorrow.  busy yesterday.  but, i have time.  everyone has time all the time.  and it’s always selective busy.  right?

so, i’m thinking for the upcoming 2014 year that intermission days would be on the 10th of each month.  and the 40th, but no month has a 40th day if you don’t want it to, right?  but, what do i know with what will happen for sure.  maybe i’ll know a little more on the 10th of january in the 2014 year.  or, actually, yeah, for now expect intermission days on the 10th of each month in 2014.  and maybe one day i’ll make it to chapter two and finally keep going from where i left off a long time ago with the autobiography portion of this autobioblogphy of mine.  maybe one day.  

other than that, there is so much more to say and do and tell you, but i’m in the process of organizing things.  yeah, a huge organization is happening right now.  gigantic.  

so, i’ll leave you with that.  and…

(images: december 13, 2013 minus one)